Richard Paul Monetti - Seat 20E







              Image provided by Syracuse University Archives 

Richard Paul Monetti was only 20 years old when he lost his life as a result of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Rick was traveling home from London after spending a semester abroad. He was a junior at Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communication with a major in journalism. Rick was survived by his mother, father, and sister. 


Richard's sister Kara said he was shy when you first met him, but once he opened up, he was as outgoing and goofy as could be. Rick was also very interested in politics as well as a huge sports fan. 

In his journals that were recovered from the wreck, Rick writes about making the most of life and having a positive attitude. 

After the attack, Rick's family became very involved in getting justice as well as policy change for aviation security. His sister, Kara, currently serves as the president of the Pan Am Group; which four goals are to seek justice, combat terrorism, improve aviation security and policy and provide emotional support to victims' families. 


Import policy changes such as not revealing the names of victims in acts of terrorism until families have been notified are due to the work of the Monetti family and the Pan Am Group.   

Kara described the Lodge and other memorials dedicated to the victims as meaning everything to her and her parents and that she does the work she does to make sure that her brother and the 269 other victims are never forgotten.

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