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Border Reiver Families

Johnstones, Jardines, Scotts, Elliotts, Irvings, Moffats, Bells, Murrays, Grahams, Armstrongs, and Maxwells have all contributed to the histories of the Border Reiver families that inhabited lands on both sides of the Scottish/English border.


While their tales of shifting alliances and feuds, of thefts and retribution, of cattle rustling and warfare may be confined to history their family ties to the area remain strong. Take a short walk through Dryfesdale cemetery and you will spot many a Johnstone, Jardine and Maxwell.  


Discover the last great battle between the border families, the Battle of Dryfe Sands (1593), and then explore a short section of the Annandale way leading from the Dryfesdale Lodge to the site of the battle.

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