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Garden of Remembrance 


The initial Garden of Remembrance started with just three simple headstones. In January 1989, a black casket was placed in the garden to commemorate the 17 people whose bodies were never found. 

In the months that followed the attack, families began placing memorial plaques in the garden as well. These plaques were dedicated to specific people or groups of people. The first official personal plaque was dedicated to Steven Lee Butler. 



On December 21, 1989, one year after the bombing, a 4-ton granite memorial was placed honoring all 270 victims. The wall is now the focal point of the garden, and many victims' families have come and placed personal items on it as well. 

Each year on the anniversary of the bombing there is a commemorative event In the garden, which many family and community members attend. Every single victim is also remembered in the book On Eagles' Wing, a copy of which is available in the memorial room and online.

For a PDF version of this information, please click here.

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