Memorial room


Central to the Memorial room at Dryfesdale Lodge is the is the Lockerbie memorial quilt. Created to mark the 20th anniversary of the air disaster, the tree has 259 leaves to represent 

those aboard Pan Am 103 and there are 11 pebbles on the bank of the river in remembrance of the local residents who died on December 21st 1988.

The Memorial Room also contains a display on the events and aftermath of the air disaster, a book of remembrance ‘On Eagles’ Wings’ with pages dedicated to each of the victims, and a small reference library which can be accessed upon request.

A digital version of the book of remembrance is available courtesy of Syracuse University Libraries: Click here for 'On Eagles' Wings'

Garden of Remembrance


The Lockerbie Air Disaster Memorial is located within the Garden of Remembrance, towards the far end of Dryfesdale Cemetery. The Memorial commemorates all 270 victims who tragically lost their lives.

More information about the development of the Lockerbie Air Disaster Memorial, and the Garden of Remembrance is available: Click here for Lockerbie Air Disaster Memorial and Garden of Remembrance – visitor information

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch Report on Pan Am Flight 103 is available online: Click here to access the full report and appendices.